Cross Country Ski Rentals

First, learn about the different Cross Country Ski Options:

Cross Country Ski touring: Travel on skis on snow covered terrain in natural snow conditions.

Skate skiing: Travel on skis on a firm groomed surface. The skier propels themselves by pushing alternating skis away from each other at a slight angle.


In Track skiing takes place on groomed terrain that has been set with ski tracks.

Backcountry skis are usually wider skis with generous sidecut with a metal edge for skiing on more adventurous hillier terrain.


Cross Country Ski Rental Rates:

Adult Touring:

 DayAdd DaysWeekMonth
Skis, Boots, Poles$20$5$45$90
Skis (and Poles)$15$5$40$75
Boots (and Poles)$10$5$30$60
Poles $5$2$15$30
Ski Rack $5$3$20$30

Junior Touring:

 DayAdd DaysWeekMonth
Skis,(Profil binding) Boots, Poles $15$5$35$80
Skis, (Profil binding) and Poles$12$5$35$70
Boots (and Poles)$7$5$30$60
Poles $3$2$10$25

Group Ski Touring:

 DayAdd DaysWeekMonth
Adult $18$5$40$80
Junior (1 to 15)$12$5$30$65
Ski Hiker$5$2$15$30

Backcountry Skis:

 DayAdd DaysWeekMonth
Skis, Boots, Poles$25$10$75$150
Skis, Boots, Adjustable Poles$30$10$80$160
Skies (& Poles)$20$10$70$125
Boots (& Poles)$10$8$45$85
Adjustable Poles$10$5$30$50

Telemark Skis:

 DayAdd DaysWeek Month
Skis, Boots, & Poles$20$10$65$125
Skis, Boots, & Adjustable Poles$25$10$75$125
Skis (& Poles)$15$10$55$95
Boots (& Poles)$15$10$45$75
Adjustable Poles$10$5$25$50

Skate Skis:

 DayAdd DaysWeekMonth
Skis, Boots, & Poles$25$10$75$150
Skis (& Poles)$20$10$70$140
Boots (& Poles)$15$10$60$120

Season Rentals:

Take Out Anytime; Return before April 1st 2017

Junior Classic:(15 and under):
Touring skis (90 – 170 cm) & poles
profil boots/bindings $69

Touring skis (180 and up) & poles
profil boots/bindings $99

Adult Tour:
Touring skis & poles
profil boots/bindings $119


Season Demo:

Fischer Country Crown
Salomon SnoScape 7
Choice of Boots/Bindings/Poles $179

Metal Edge Back Country:
Madshus Metal Edge Skis
Choice of BC Boots/Bindings/Poles
Poles $209

Atomic Redster or Madshus Terrasonic Skate Skis,
Salomon RS Carbon or Pro Combi Boots, Swix or Madshus Poles
Salomon Equipe Skate Bindings $299

Junior Skate
128CM – 168CM Atomic and Salomon, Madshus Junior Skate Skis
Madshus/Salomon Jr. Combi Boots, Poles $149

Demo fee may apply to purchase before April 1, 2017

Special Announcements

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Pole, Peddle, Paddle Rental Special:

Pick up Skis, Boots, Poles Oct-Dec, 2016, return after PPP $199

Pick up Skis, Boots, Poles Jan-Feb, 2017, return after PPP $189

Pick up Skis, Boots, Poles March, 2017, return after PPP $179

Pick up Skis, Boots, Poles April, 2017, return after PPP $139

Pick up Skis, Boots, Poles RACE WEEK, return after PPP $99.

* We recommend getting your equipment early for proper sizing and fit.

No Reservations – First Come / First Served