Poofy vests scream adventure

It is the last week in April and we still have 3 to 10 feet of snow on the mountain after a few days of very warm weather. Actually it is snowing on the mountain as I write this post. Had a beautiful ski up Heather Canyon yesterday and all the creek crossing showed shelves of snow from 6 feet at the bottom of the Canyon up to at least ten feet at our turnaround point.
Heather Canyon is a great training ground for PPP as it is an a sustained gentle uphill which gives us a great workout on those skate skis and then the return downhill lets us practice for the beginning of the race which requires some downhill skills on our skinny skis. Heather Canyon quiets the spirit and speaks to my soul.
Other trail recommendations are White River, West Leg Road, Bennett Pass and Trails out of the Barlow Snow Park. Unfortunately the Trillium Hill has been plowed. There is still spring snow covering all trails from Govy through Pocket Creek. Teacup’s final day of grooming is this Saturday April 28. See you on the trails.
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